JENNY HUMBERSTONE is a landscape architect, designer and photographer.  Trained in visual communication, landscape architecture and design, and environmental and social research, Jenny brings a broad and interdisciplinary skill-set, holistic understanding, and passion to her work.

Passionate about projects with positive environmental and social impact, Jenny uses her spare time to progress interesting projects relevant to urban design and landscape architecture.  She has been heavily involved as a Landscape Architect/Graphic Designer in the 3000 Acres project in Melbourne, which promotes healthier communities by unlocking disused land for urban food growing. In 2014 she founded the HOLD ME DEAR project - an online photography gallery of personal stories relating to individuals' most treasured places. She is also actively engaged with the Urban Fabric collective which she co-founded in January 2013, a group of people passionate about matching local creative talent with activation of underutilised urban places through exhibitions, outdoor cinema and temporary events.

Learn more about her professional Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Photography work, as well as her additional projects such as 3000 Acres, Urban Fabric Collective, and HOLD ME DEAR.

In April 2014 Dumbo Feather interviewed Jenny about her HOLD ME DEAR project, and in 2013 Jenny spoke with Factory Diaries in another interview about the Secret Cinema events she runs as part of the Urban Fabric Collective.



Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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