It's a well known fact that gardening is good for you, not just tending to plants outside but having a view of green can do wonders for health and well-being. From reducing stress, to promoting faster healing and improving concentration, there are a lot of reasons you might want to surround yourself with some luscious green. 

For those without an outside space that can be a little more tricky... Having just moved in to an apartment with limited outdoor space I've been experimenting with making terrariums - miniature gardens that you can build within  whatever glass container takes your fancy! Very easy to do and perfect for succulents.


HOLD ME DEAR exhibition at Testing Grounds, Melbourne

The HOLD ME DEAR project is an online curated gallery of poignant stories and beautiful photographs of the places most treasured by individuals around the world.  The usually online project is being physically exhibited at Testing Grounds creative outdoor space in Melbourne until 30 May. 

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