In 2013 I co-founded the Urban Fabric collective, inspired by other contemporary and innovative ways to better use vacant urban spaces whilst fostering social capital. Urban Fabric is a group of people passionate about matching local creative talent with activation of under-utilised urban places through exhibitions, outdoor cinema and temporary events. To date we have partnered with a range of local businesses, organisations, artists, volunteers and other individuals for these non-profit events, including;  3000 Acres, Neometro, MAP Magazine,  DC8 Studio, and Consolidated Properties.

A particular highlight have been the number of successful 'Secret Cinema' nights we have run in Brisbane and Melbourne in a range of disused buildings, vacant outdoor spaces and other interesting nooks of urban space.  Urban Fabric's 'Secret Cinema' nights showcase and promote local film-makers short-films and exhibit local artists' work.  Having recently moved back to Scotland I am excited to now bring Secret Cinema to Edinburgh and beyond.

You can read more about the Urban Fabric collective and our Secret Cinema events in this Factory Diaries interview with me.